Have you been mis-sold a high cost loan?
Have you been mis-sold Credit?
Find out if you could be eligible for compensation from any of the below
  • Payday Loans
  • Guarantor Loans
  • High Cost Loans
  • Car Finance
  • Credit card increases
  • Store Cards

A fee may be charged for our services if you instruct us.
Read more about our fees


You can raise a complaint directly to your lender without a Claims Management Company. 

If your complaint is rejected, you can send your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service without charge.

How Our Free Assessment Works

We provide a free, no obligation assessment to determine if you could be eligible to claim compensation from short term loans, guarantor loans and high cost loans including door step loans.

Make An Enquiry With Sanderson Drake

For us to establish if you could be eligible, you will need to provide us a few details about you.

Providing Your Credit Report Data

Within just a few steps, you can share your credit reporting data for a review.

Using the latest in Artificial Inteligence

We will review your lending, borrowing, payment, court and insolvency history to assist us in establish any potential claims. Where a potential claim is found, we will ask you to provide some additional information about your circumstances at the time.

Our Free Assessment Findings

Once received and reviewed, we will provide you with our findings by email which will outline who we believe you could have a potential claim against which could result in compensation being awarded if succesful.

Free Assessment Process


Make an online enquiry using our online form or by clicking here.


We will ask to see your credit reporting data to determine your financial lending history, payment history, cross lending patterns, indicators of risk and any arrears including any CCJs, Debt Relief Orders or Bankruptcies.


We'll send you our initial findings with a questionnaire to complete, allowing us to better understand what happened when opening your account.


We’ll then provide you with the results of your Free Assessment by email.
In our email, we will let you know who we’ve found potential claims with and the type of compensation you are likely to receive if your complaint was accepted.

Our Claim Process

Read about the process and our fees if you instruct us

Our Fees

Where we receive an instruction to work on your behalf, and we are able to obtain an offer of compensation, we will charge a success fee. This is calculated as a percentage of the total compensation you receive. If we are not able to obtain an offer you will not be charged – this is called No Win No Fee.

If you cancel your agreement with us or break your agreement with us before the end of the process we will charge you a cancellation fee.

Read more about our Fees & Charges.

We provide a free, no obligation assessment to as part of our service before you enter into an agreement with us.

This allows us to let you know if you could have a potential claim.

If you choose to instruct our services and we are successful in obtaining you a refund, a fee will be charged.

Click here to read about our Fees & Charges.

Where we obtain an offer of compensation, we will charge a success fee.
This fee is calculated based on the amount of compensation you are awarded.

Compensation can be awarded in 3 forms;
(a) cash award (b) balance reduction (c) combination of cash award and balance reduction (when combined, we call this the ‘Total Award’).

If we are not successful in obtaining compensation, your claim will be closed with no fee charged.

More information can be found in our fees & charges.

If you receive an offer of compensation we call this a successful claim.

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the total compensation you are offered.
Read more about our Fees & Charges here.

Upon completion of a claim we will send you a bill or invoice for our services.
This will explain how our fees are calculated and tell you the amount you need to pay.

Our invoice needs to be paid within 21 days.
Where you do not receive a Cash Award or the Cash Award is less than the invoice we will provide an option for a repayment plan.

If you are concerned about your ability to pay our invoice, you should contact us as soon as possible on 01554 575000.

Our Fee Rates

Consumer RedressMax Fee Charged
(%) inc VAT
Max Total Fee
(£) inc VAT
Lower (£)Upper (£)

The table above includes VAT the current rate of 20%.

Examples Of Refunds
These are examples and not an indicator of the compensation you may be entitled to as this will depend on the individual circumstances of your claim.

We'll Review Your Credit Report Data To Establish Potential Mis-Sold Financial Claims

We'll check your credit reference data to establish potential claims whilst also obtain supporting evidence which can assist in obtaining a refund you could be due!

Success through our unique approach

Sanderson Drake as a Claims Management Company, specialising in Financial Mis-Selling. We establish and process claims on behalf of consumers to recover compensation against; Payday Loans, High Interest Unsecured Loans, Guarantor Loans, Log Book Loans & Charges on Loans & Mortgages
“The process was very straightforward, I was kept informed of any updates immediately and received a much higher payout than I expected. I would totally recommend using Sanderson Drake.”

Alexis Lishman
“I thought Sanderson Drake were very professional. They got me a claim in no time at all. When I contacted them they were always very courteous and helpful. I would recommend Sanderson and Drake to anyone wanting to make a claim. Thanks very much Sanderson and Drake. Brenda.”

“Could not be happier with this company so far I have had returned over £6000 pound and still ongoing with other claims worth every penny I paid and didn’t pay a thing till I got my money first”

Ronald Coleman