Claim Processing

Claim Handling & Processing

You can raise a complaint directly to your lender without a Claims Management Company. 

If your complaint is rejected and you can send your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service without charge.

Claim Processing

What happens after your instruction


Once you've signed our conditional fee agreement(CFA), you enter a 'cooling-off period' allowing you to cancel within 14 days without charge.

Letter Of Complaint

We prepare your complaint and where necessary look to obtain further evidence in support of your clAIM from youR lender.
We will provide your lender with a copy of our letter of complaint which is typically acknowledged within 7 days.
We will confirm your Lender's acknowledgement to you by email.


Your lender has 56 days to investigate our complaint and findings. In some cases, additional time may be provided.

We will notify you when we receive a decision by email.

Final Decision

We will review your lenders decision and any evidence provided.
This will confirm whether the complaint has been; upheld, upheld in part or rejected.

We will notify you of our review outcome by email.

Counter Arguments

If your lender rejects your complaint and hasn't addressed the evidence provided, we will look to highlight this and provide further arguments in support of the complaint.

Where necessary, we will prepare your claim for the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Financial Ombudsman Service Assessment​

Once we've received your instruction, where necessary we will request additional information from your lender to support our claim. We'll then provide our findings to your lender.

Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service can review complaints where we disagree with the lenders Final Response.

It may take up to 12 months for an initial decision. We will provide updates by email as the claim progresses to a decision.

Financial Ombudsman Decision​

Where we or your lender rejects the Assessment by an Adjudicator within FOS, the case is passed for a Final Decision by an Ombudsman.
This Final Decision is legally binding with the lender required to adhere to the decision. This process can take up to 6 months from an Assessment depending on your circumstances.

Fee Table Example

Consumer Redress Max Fee Charged
(%) inc VAT
Max Total Fee
(£) inc VAT
Lower (£)Upper (£)


The table above includes VAT the current rate of 20%.

Why Choose
Sanderson Drake?

As specialists in irresponsible lending complaints, we have years of industry knowledge, experience and understanding in handling these types of claims on behalf of consumers.


We know the rules and regulations your lender was required to follow at the time of approving your finance.
This enables us to generate a bespoke Letter of complaint on your behalf.

Regular Updates

Don't lose track on what is happening!
We'll provide you with updates as your claim progresses with your lender ensuring you always know where your case is up to.

Dedicated Team Of Advisors

We believe in making the process as smooth as possible, so throughout your claim journey, you will have Dedicated Team of Advisors available to assist you with any queries