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In order to check if you have any valid claims we require a copy of an up-to-date credit report to review.

With your credit report we can identify all lenders over the past 6 years. We can also see all the account history and how some loans may have affected you, causing detriment to your financial situation.

Please ensure you use the same details to sign up with UK Credit Ratings as you have done on the previous page, this will ensure there are no delays, and the correct data will be allocated to your file.

There will be an easy share option once signed up for your free credit report, and once shared we will complete our free no obligation assessment.

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Via TransUnion
FREE 30 Day Free Membership
Zero Cost or Commitment


✓ Quick Send Report Feature

✓ Live Report & PDF Download

✓ Credit Correction & Dispute Support

✓ Credit Agent Assist : Phone & Live Chat

✓ Dark Web Monitoring : Fraud Protection

✓ Perk & Discount : Reduce Monthly Spend

6 Years Of Data

✓ Lending History

✓ Payment History

✓ Balance History

✓ Credit Limit History

✓ Payment Status History

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